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Crossword Answers : "Believe" Grammy winner, 1999
CHER "Believe" Grammy winner, 1999
CHER "Believe" Grammy winner, 1999
MAKE ___ believe
MAKE ___ believe (pretend)
MAKE ___-believe
ALSO " . . . believe ___ in me": John 14:1
INME " . . . believe also ___": John 14:1
IDONT "___ believe it!"
LORDI "___ believe": Mark 9:24
YOUD "___ better believe it!"
ISHE "___ for real?" ("Can you believe that guy?")
ICAN "___ hardly believe it!"
ONLY "___ Make Believe,"song
THEYLL "___ never believe it!"
YOULL "___ never believe this!"
NOONE "___ will believe it"
DOYOU "____ Believe in Magic" (hit)
ADIA "___, I do believe I failed you" (opening of ahit)
VOLVO "A car you can believe in" sloganeer
ITO "Am ___ believe ??"
ITO "Am ___ believe ...?"