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Crossword Answers : "Dead Souls" author Nikolai
GOGOL "Dead Souls" author Nikolai
GOGOL "Dead Souls" author Nikolai
GOGOL ''Taras Bulba'' author Nikolai
GOGOL "Dead Souls" author
GOGOL "Dead Souls" novelist
GOGOL "Dead Souls" novelist Nikolai
GOGOL Author of "Dead Souls"
GOGOL He wrote "Dead Souls"
SINEATER One who consumes a ritual meal to absolve the souls of the dead
GOGOL Russian author of "Dead Souls"
ERE "For Lycidas is dead, dead ___ his prime": Milton
TREE ___ of Souls, Na'vi temple in "Avatar"
ALL ___ Souls College, Oxford
DAMP " . . . ___ souls of housemaids": Eliot
DAMP " . . . ___ souls of housemaids": T.S.E.
MENS " . . . times that try ___ souls"
MENS " . . . times that try ___ souls": Paine
DEAD "___ Souls," Gogol novel
DEAD "___ Souls": Gogol
DUBOIS "The Souls of Black Folk" author, 1903
MORROW "And now good-___ to our waking souls": John Donne