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Crossword Answers : "Here's a thought ..."
SAY "Here's a thought ..."
STEWED Thought and thought and thought (about)
SAY "Here's a thought ..."
SILLYME Words before "And here I thought ..."
RATSO film character who said "I'm walkin' here! I'm walkin' here!"
ROLLCALL Hear "here!" here
ROUNDTRIP Here to there to here
ICI Here, but not here
IDEE ___ fixe (persistent thought)
TRAIN ___ of thought
RAPTIN ___ thought (engrossed)
SEAAND " . . . thought can jump both ___ land": Shak.
WHOD "___ have thought ...?"
PERISH "___ the thought!"
SOI "___ thought"
UNTO "___the calmly gathered thought": Whittier
SOI "... or ___ thought"
BIRTHDAY "A ___ Thought" (Stepquote source)
WISH "Father to the thought"
ITNO "Give ___ thought!"
GOSH "Hey, I never thought of that!"