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Crossword Answers : "Hilarious!"
HAHA "Hilarious!"
LOL "Haha, u r hilarious"
HAHA "That's hilarious!"
AHOOT "What ___!" ("Hilarious!")
LOL [U r hilarious]
LOL "Haha, u r hilarious"
ROFL "Hilarious!," briefly
LMAO "Hilarious!," in a text
ROFL "Hilarious!," online
HAHA "Hilarious!"
ROFL "That's hilarious!," in a text
HAHA "That's hilarious!"
LMAO "u r hilarious!"
LOL "Ur hilarious!"
PATRIOTS Butter square + Hilarious people
ROARAT Find hilarious
ROARSAT Finds hilarious, perhaps
SIDESPLITTING Hilarious ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme
RIOT Hilarious act
RIOT Hilarious chap