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Crossword Answers : "Hold it hang on!"
NOTYET "Hang on, hang on"
NOWAIT "Hold it - hang on!"
NOWAIT "Hold it - hang on!"
POTS What Texas hold'em tables hold
SWEAT ___ out (hang tough)
IFA "___ man answers, hang up"
BESTRONG "Hang in there!"
BECOOL "Hang in there"
AMO "Hang on ___!"
ASEC "Hang on ___!"
ASEC "Hang on ___"
ONESEC "Hang on ..."
WHOA "Hang on a sec!"
ONESEC "Hang on!"
WAITASEC "Hang on!"
WAITASEC & 41. "Hang on ..."
BRB "Hang on a sec," in texts
ITSAKEEPER "Hang on to that one!"
WAIT "Hang on!"
INASEC "Just hang on!"
NOWAIT "Oh, hang on a minute!"
EAR A hoop may hang from it