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Crossword Answers : "Make sense?"
GETIT "Make sense?"
STANDTO ___ reason (make sense)
ITLL "One day ___ all make sense"
GETIT "Make sense?"
CENTS In one way, these make sense
ADDUP Make sense
COMPUTE Make sense
PROCESS Make sense of
DECODE Make sense of
SORTOUT Make sense of
SORT Make sense of, with "out"
ADD Make sense, with "up"
PARSE Make sentence sense
BLOODHOUND Scents make sense to him
REASONERS They make sense
ESNES They make sense when backing up
SORTINGOUT Trying to make sense of
TAKEOUTTHETRASH What to do before the answers to the starred clues will make sense
AROUND Word needed to be added toappropriately placed answers in this puzzle for their clues to make sense
BUTTERFLY Word that must be added to 1-, 8-, 65- and 66-Across for their clues to make sense [with a visual hint in the grid]
ENCODE Make tough to make out
HALEY ___ Joel Osment of "The Sixth Sense"
HASA ___ point (makes sense)
INA ___ sense
INONE ___ sense
SPIDEY ___ sense