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Crossword Answers : "Star Wars" knight, informally
OBIWAN "Star Wars" knight, informally
OBIWAN "Star Wars" knight, informally
SEMPERSCIFI Motto of a huge "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" fan?
REXHARRISONFORD Oscar winner (1964)/"Star Wars" star
PADME ___ Amidala, "Star Wars" queen
LANDO ___ Calrissian of "Star Wars" films
LANDO ___ Calrissian of "Star Wars"
LANDO ___ Calrissian, "Star Wars" role
LANDO ___ Calrissian, member of the Rebel Alliance in "Star Wars"
POE ___ Dameron, fighter pilot for the Resistance in "Star Wars" films
ARTOO ___ Detoo of "Star Wars"
ARTOO ___ Detoo, "Star Wars" android
ION ___ drive (engine in "Star Wars")
MOS ___ Eisley, "Star Wars" cantina town
BOBA ___ Fett ("Star Wars" villain)
BOBA ___ Fett, "Star Wars" bounty hunter
JANGO ___ Fett, "Star Wars" bounty hunter
TIE ___ fighter ("Star Wars" ship)
TIE ___ fighter ("Star Wars" vehicle)
TIE ___ fighter ("Star Wars" vehicle)
MAZ ___ Kanata, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" character
OBIWAN ___ Kenobi of "Star Wars"