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Crossword Answers : "That feels so o o o nice!"
AAH "That feels so-o-o-o nice!"
AAH "That feels so-o-o-o nice!"
BON Nice way to say nice
BON Nice, in Nice
OOH "Feels good!"
AHH "Feels great!"
AAH "Feels so good!"
AHH "Feels so good!"
AHH "Feels won-n-nderful!"
AAH "Man, that feels good!"
AAH "That feels goo-oo-ood!"
AAH "That feels goo-oo-ood"
OOH "That feels good!"
AAH "That feels good!"
OOH "That feels gooood!"
AHH "That feels great"
AAH "That feels so-o-o good!"
ITSDEJAVU "This somehow feels familiar ..."
MURRAYLOVESCOMPANY *How actor Bill feels about houseguests?
AHH "___, that feels good!"
AAH "Man, that feels good!"
EMO "Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers and ___" (2003 book)