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Crossword Answers : *"Angry Men" actor, 1957
LEEJCOBB *"Angry Men" actor, 1957
LEEJCOBB *"12 Angry Men" actor, 1957
TWELVE "___ Angry Men,"movie
JURY "angry men," e.g.
LUMET "Angry Men" director
JUROR "Angry Men" role
LEE Actor ___ J. Cobb of "12 Angry Men"
AMIS Author in the"angry young men" movement
LEEJ Cobb of "Angry Men"
LUMET Director of 1957's "12 Angry Men"
FONDATHEATRE Los Angeles venue named for the star of "12 Angry Men"
MARTINBALSAM One of "Twelve Angry Men"
LUMET Sidney who directed "12 Angry Men"
IAGO "But men are men; the best sometimes forget" speaker
MARINES "A Few Good Men" men
AGENTS G-men or T-men
ALAN One of the men on "Two and a Half Men"
ALAN One of the men on "Two and a Half Men"
FEDS T-men or G-men
MAEWEST Who said "It's not the men in your life that counts, it's the life in your men"
UPIN ___ arms (angry)