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Crossword Answers : *"Road Trip" actor, 2000
TOMGREEN *"Road Trip" actor, 2000
TOMGREEN *"Road Trip" actor, 2000
SETOFF Trip ... or start a trip
LEMON Bad car to road-trip in
PODCAST Bit of road trip entertainment
ENE General dir. of Sal Paradise's return trip in "On the Road"
TRANSAM Good auto for an L.A.-to-N.Y.C. road trip?
ASPEN Harry and Lloyd's road trip destination in "Dumb and Dumber"
TIRE It's worn on a road trip
ISPY Kids' road trip game
MASCARPONE Mom's special road-trip corn bread?
INN Overnight stop on a road trip
TANKUP Prepare for a road trip, perhaps
LOADEDUP Ready for a road trip, say
INNS Road trip accommodations
ROUTE Road trip determination
AWAYGAMES Road trip events
ISPY Road trip guessing game
ROUTE Road trip plan
INN Road trip respite
AUDIOBOOKS Some road trip entertainment