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Crossword Answers : Rebel in "Henry VI, Part 2"
CADE Rebel in "Henry VI, Part 2"
HOTSPUR Rebel in "Henry IV, Part 1"
GLENDOWER Owen ___, rebel in Shakespeare's "King Henry IV"
ANAIS Henry and June's friend in "Henry & June"
GRANDSON Henry Ford II, to Henry Ford
SON Henry V, to Henry IV
TUDOR House of Henry VII and Henry VIII
EDSEL Son of Henry and father of Henry II
KENT Setting for part of "King Henry VI, Part 2"
DORR R.I. rebel in the 1840's
CHE Rebel in a beret
DEAN Rebel in afilm
ACTOUT Rebel, in a way
LENIN Russian rebel in 1917
BADTILL " . . . ___ I be best": "Henry VI, Part III"
ERE "I hope to see London once ___ I die": "Henry IV, Part 2"
AVENGE "When I am dead and gone, remember to ___ me ...": "Henry VI, Part I"
STOUTER "A ___ champion never handled sword": "Henry VI, Part I"
RID "God send the companion a better prince! I cannot ___ my hands of him": "Henry IV, Part II"
PETO Character in "King Henry IV, Part 1"
ELEANOR Duchess in "Henry VI, Part II"