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Crossword Answers : Suffix meaning "procession"
AISLEOFWHITE Bridal procession area?
HEARSE Car in a procession
CARAVAN Desert procession
CAVALCADE Dramatic procession
ALLHAIL Greeting at the head of a procession
MACE Item carried in an academic procession
HEARSE Leader of a procession
PARADED Marched in a procession
CAVALCADE Mounted procession
SNAKEDANCER One in a zigzag procession
ESCORT Part of a funeral procession
CHARIOT Part of an ancient procession
TRAIN Procession
CORTEGE Procession
CAVALCADE Procession
CORTEGE Sad procession
CARAVAN Spice route procession
MARCH Walk in procession
EEN Diminutive suffix meaning "dear one"
ETTA Italian suffix meaning "little"
BERG Name suffix meaning "mountain"
ZOA Suffix meaning "animals"