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Crossword Answers : Again ... and again
THRICE Again ... and again
ROTE Going over something again and again and again
REFILLED Like gas tanks and many prescriptions, again and again
OFTEN Again and again
OFT Again and again, in poesy
THRICE Again and again?
TRIPLY Again and again?
THREEFOLD Again and again?
OWNS Beats again and again, in slang
REISSUE Bing Crosby's "White Christmas," again and again
SEESAWED Changed one's mind again and again
RECUR Come up again and again
THROWINGRICE Crew found inside again and again
REHASH Go over again and again
REMADE Like beds, again and again
RELET Like boardinghouse rooms, again and again
RESEEN Like cult films, again and again
RELIT Like pipes, again and again
RESPUN Like the "Wheel of Fortune" wheel, again and again
CHARGED Like toreadors, again and again
RETOLD Like urban legends, again and again
TREBLE Raise again...and again
BEATSADEADHORSE Rehashes again and again