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Crossword Answers : Bach's "Musical Offering" includes one
TRIOSONATA Bach's "Musical Offering" includes one
TRIOSONATA Bach's "Musical Offering" includes one
PIECE Musical offering
ARIA Musical offering
EVITA Musical in which musical chairs is played
CATS Musical whose name is an anagram of the members of a musical
THEART Bach's "___ of Fugue"
MASS Bach's "_____ in B Minor"
JESU Bach's "___, Joy of Man's Desiring"
JESU Bach's "___, meine Freude"
ONA Bach's "Air ___ G String"
CONCERTOS Bach's "Brandenburg ___"
JESU Bach's "joy of man's desiring"
INB Bach's "Mass ___ Minor"
BMINOR Bach's "Mass in ___"
INE Bach's "Partita _____ Minor"
INE Bach's "Partita No. 6 ___ Minor"
CANTATA Bach's "Pilgrimage," for one
ART Bach's "The___of the Fugue"
CONCERTI Bach's Brandenburgs, e.g.
INB Bach's Mass ___ Minor
MUSIK Bach's output