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Crossword Answers : Dedicated to
FOR Dedicated to
ACURE "Dedicated to finding ___" (diabetes foundation motto)
ONEI "Dedicated to the ___ Love"
ONEI "Dedicated to the _____ Love"
ONEI "This is dedicated to the ___ love"
ONEI "Dedicated to the ___ Love"
MIRO A Barcelona museum is dedicated to his work
AMERICANPIE album dedicated to Buddy Holly
DDAY An exhibit at F.D.R.'s presidential library is dedicated to it
OBLATE Child dedicated to religious life
SHEL His kids' book "Falling Up" is dedicated to his son Matt
SIRDUKE Hit from "Songs in the Key of Life" dedicated to Ellington
LAMBDATAU Inst. of higher learning dedicated to the statistical analysis of young sheep?
OBLATE One dedicated to the religious life
ELISE One of Beethoven's bagatelles is dedicated to her
EROICA Symphony originally dedicated to Napoleon
PANTHEONS Temples dedicated to all the gods
LANES They may be dedicated to cyclists
ODE Verse dedicated to someone