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Crossword Answers : He's taken
ONEFORTHEROAD "An Individual Not Taken" by Robert Frost
IMONIT "It's being taken care of"
ISEE "Point taken"
NEESON "Taken" star
NEESON "Taken" star, 2008
ROAD "The ___ Not Taken," Frost poem
ROAD "The ___ Not Taken": Frost
JOB "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away" speaker
FROST "The Road Not Taken" poet
SEAT "This ___ is taken"
CONQUESTION "We've taken the city, but can we defend it?"?
PALEBLUEDOT *Iconic photograph taken by Voyager 1 at the request of Carl Sagan
HIPPOCRATICOATH *It's taken by doctors
FIREESCAPE *Steps taken in an emergency?
IDIG "Point taken," '60s-style
ISEE "Point taken"
NOTED "Point taken"
FAIRENOUGH "Point taken"
NEESON "Taken" star
FROST "The Road Not Taken" poet
PLACEBO A person may be taken in by taking it
WHIM A trip can be taken on it