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Crossword Answers : Ilsa ___, "Casablanca" character
LUND Ilsa ___, "Casablanca" character
LUND Ilsa ___, "Casablanca" character
ILSA "Casablanca" character Lund
UGARTE Lorre's "Casablanca" character
DAR ___ el Beida (Casablanca, to its natives)
ILSA ___ Lund of "Casablanca"
DOOLEY ___ Wilson, who played Sam in "Casablanca"
HERES "___ looking at you, kid" ("Casablanca" quote)
ROUNDUP "___ the usual suspects" ("Casablanca" quote)
SAM "As Time Goes By" singer in "Casablanca"
ILSAANDRICK "Casablanca"
LORRE "Casablanca" actor
VEIDT "Casablanca" actor Conrad
LORRE "Casablanca" actor Peter
ILKA "Casablanca" actress Gruning
RICK "Casablanca" bistro owner
RICKS "Casablanca" cafe
RICK "Casablanca" cafe owner
AIRFRANCE "Casablanca" carrier
LORRE "Casablanca" co-star
UGARTE "Casablanca" crook