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Crossword Answers : Trump's "The ___ of the Deal"
ART Trump's "The ___ of the Deal"
LAIT Thé addition
TASSE Thé cup, maybe
CAFE Where to order un thé
ART Trump's "The _____ of the Deal"
ORNO TV's "Deal ___ Deal"
NBC "Deal or No Deal" network
HOWIE Mandel of "Deal or No Deal"
DEAL Donald Trump's "The Art of the ___"
REALTY Donald Trump's field
DEALS Trump's "art"
IVANA Trump's first
DEALS Trump's forte
REALTY Trump's line
YACHT Trump's Princess, e.g.
RAW ___ deal
DONE ___ deal
ARMS ___ deal
NOBIG ___ deal
GADSDEN ___ Purchase, 1853 land deal with Mexico
GLENNCLOSED ___ the film deal
ITS "___ a deal!"
SUCH "___ a deal!"
ITSNO "___ big deal!"
ITSNO "___ big deal"