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Crossword Answers : Wife in "The Godfather"
KAY Wife in "The Godfather"
LAIT Thé addition
TASSE Thé cup, maybe
CAFE Where to order un thé
KAY Michael's wife in "The Godfather"
KAY Wife in "The Godfather"
EMILIO ___ Barzini, "The Godfather" don
LUCA ___ Brasi ("The Godfather" role)
LUCA ___ Brasi, enforcer in "The Godfather"
VITO ___ Corleone, Puzo's "Godfather"
MOE ___ Greene, "The Godfather" gangster
MOE ___ Greene, mobster in "The Godfather"
CAPO ''The Godfather'' figure
SOLONGMARLON 'Bye, Godfather?
ITALIASHIRE "A County in la Nazione: Autobiography of a 'Godfather' Star"
CAAN "Godfather" actor
BRANDO "Godfather" actor
BRANDO "Godfather" star
DENIRO "The Godfather Part II" Oscar winner
PREQUEL "The Godfather, Part II," e.g.
FREDO "The Godfather, Part II" character
TAHOE "The Godfather: Part II" setting